It’s (Animal) Clobberin’ time

I made a new game/thing. This time, I used react. Check out the live version of the site - Animal Clobbering.

What the hell is this?

Good question. It’s a weird game-like thing. I discovered the ACNH Api and I thought it would be fun to build something using it.

I am very fond of my old project, “Pokemon” “Battler”, and I always wanted to do something that was similar, but a little bit more interactive. So this time, I thought, instead of a dumb fake game that’s intended to amuse/piss people off, how about I make a real game?

So this “game”, and I do mean to use those quotes quite deliberately, has multiple layers of nostalgia/inspiration involved.

I also really wanted to dig into react some more. It’s definitely not the right platform to use if you actually want to make a real game, mainly because you have to navigate the async issues that come with setting state.

But I did learn some stuff, and I think it’s fun. Almost. At least it’s getting close to approaching something that might be called fun.